Photo by Wes Davis Photography


Starting 15 years ago, the creative process with art making has functioned as a medium towards knowing myself. Beginning from a surface level, the development has progressed inwardly like peeling the layers off an onion. What might be at the core? ‘LIFE Drawings’, is a body of work expressing the most current point on this journey of exploration which has arrived at the realm of the subconscious.

If the subconscious mind could be projected onto a flatscreen, what images would appear? What sort of story might they tell? The drawings in this body of work aim to do just that. It is ever so convenient how visual art and the subconscious rely on the same language, that is, the use of images which function as symbols holding meanings. To the best of my abilities thus far, i’ve created a method for myself building a bridge between the world of dreams and the wake world in which we all live together. And who knows, maybe it can be discovered in any of these drawings that we aren’t as alone as we might think in our subconscious minds.