June Steckler’s contemporary abstract paintings range from subtle, sky informed images to bold, gesture dominant renderings. The unifying element in all of her work is a clear and accessible reference to the natural world. “Our connection to nature is our most profound unifier as humans. I aim to be always directing a viewer’s attention to the beauty of this available unity through my work.” From highly polished wax surfaces, to the incorporation of metal leaf, to subtle gradations of color, the variety in June’s compositions offer both soothing and invigoration. Some works are as a berceuse, others are an allegro.

Born and raised amongst the verdant hues of the Pacific Northwest, June enjoyed livng her college years in New York, followed by time as a graphic designer in Nashville and Los Angeles before claiming the Sacramento region as her forever home. June’s works can be found in private collections throughout the United States and Canada

Groundswell welcomed June to the team in 2020, as curator of our growing art consultancy services and of our pop-up galleries. June’s enthusiasm for connecting people to art that speaks to and of them, is welcome energy in our ongoing effort to participate in and help grow the Sacramento art scene.